Комментарии к проектам III Business Project Competition

Сильные и слабые стороны проектов. Какие части Вашего проекта доработать, развить, усилить, изменить?

Название проекта
Комментарии от INTO University of Stirling.
Eco Handmade Entertainment Zone ‘Wall-e’
  • Excellent idea and on trend
  • Well structured and laid out
  • More than one income-stream
  • An achievable idea
  • Slightly ambitious start up period
  • More formal language to be used
Common Application System in Russia (C.A.R.F)
  • Identified clear gap
  • Very clear structure
  • Many benefits to this system
  • An ambitious big idea!
  • How would this work in practice and how would all stakeholders be involved?
  • Costs: Software? high salaries? start up period needs development; how is money collected?
  • Very ambitious – can it be rolled out more slowly, have a pilot period etc.?
  • Is this a Russian version of UCAS – where is the analysis of that system as a control?
Fuel out of coffee grinds
  • On trend idea for bio-fuel and environmentally friendly
  • Public-private partnership is a good idea
  • Where is the financial modelling – how much is it really going to cost?
  • Plan needs clearly structured and laid out – tightened up with clear evidence
Odd Pricing
  • Interesting idea
  • Good evidence used in overview
  • Mostly well structured
  • Will there be enough demand in the market?
  • More detail needed regarding marketing.
  • English needs to be more formal
  • Needs better conclusion and evidence of how this will work in practice
School curriculum tourism
  • Clearly identified gap in market
  • Little apparent competition
  • This idea could work if thought through thoroughly
  • Very limited detail relating to marketing
  • No real information on finance and/or funding; set up costs, website development etc. How will this project make money? 20% on visits – how will this be collected, how is this calculated vs outgoings etc.
  • Needs the title at the top or on the first page!
Relaxing Taxi
  • Structure to plan good
  • Financial model interesting
  • Idea is fun
  • Success means buy-in from clients that not getting somewhere on time is acceptable as long as you are having fun – is this realistic?
  • What is the evidence for the need: not entirely focused on one problem – is this office space for people with mobility issues or fun for CEOs with too much time on their hands? Or an app for people who can’t see? Why would people pay this much?
  • Finance section leaves out development of app; salaries of all managers etc.
  • Very informal use of English; needs to be more formal
Ideas generator
  • Positive — interesting idea.
  • Development needed to explain:
    — SWOT
    — Economics — there is no financial modelling
  • The proposal is very short and lacks detail in general..


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