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Комментарии INTO Oregon State University

Ethno Lab
  1. Strengths
    1. Unique
    2. Broad range of clientele, appealing internationally
    3. Socially and politically relevant
  2. Weaknesses
    1. Niche market that may not have demand
    2. The idea of traditional dress for the everyday isn’t broadly accepted
    3. The research involved in created traditional costumes may be time-consuming and complicated
  3. Opportunities
    1. Could get discovered by movie or theater production companies with huge demand
    2. Could start a fashion trend among youths for high demand
    3. Multiple avenues (traditional costumes/everyday versions) could supplement the income for the other if one wasn’t doing as well
  4. Threats
    1. Overhead costs may be too expensive, driving costs up
    2. Production time is long, which limits scale
    3. Lack of research/design team could hurt product quality
Granny’s Street
  1. Strengths
    1. Educational in an area that is lacking
    2. Philanthropic
    3. Provides a service lacking in schools
  2. Weaknesses
    1. Logistics of the center are not developed
    2. Idea relies heavily on donations
    3. May not be a market for this
  3. Opportunities
    1. Could benefit children’s lives by giving them skills and knowledge of nutrition
    2. Could benefit the community and society by drawing attention to ecological and social issues
    3. May support itself by volunteers eventually
  4. Threats
    1. Could run out of money and be unable to keep operations going
    2. Lack of volunteers and donations
    3. Quality of food and recipes could be poor due to lack of resources and experts
Green Berets
  1. Strengths
    1. Solves a need by spreading positive PR for the industries
    2. Benefits the community by cleaning up the area, planting trees and spreading positive ideals for the environment
    3. Simple structure; only real cost is the T-shirts (which seems well thought-out) and marketing
  2. Weaknesses
    1. Benefit to large companies is not clear, and it may be difficult to get buy-in
    2. Much of the model is based on volunteers, which are not guaranteed
    3. Ideas may not be received well in the community, causing obstacles with community-based projects
  3. Opportunities
    1. Could expand to other areas where industry has affected the environment, making the company a sort of PR firm
    2. Could become very popular amongst young people, spreading on social media and becoming a phenomenon
    3. Could actually benefit the environment and make the area healthier and cleaner
  4. Threats
    1. Lack of marketing plan could lead to limited reach, stunting growth
    2. Lack of clear connection between the company and the good of the Green Berets could cause the industry partners to decline participation
    3. Lack of volunteers could be detrimental to the community projects, making the efforts ineffective
Handy Farm
  1. Strengths
    1. Convenient
    2. Modern
    3. Healthy
  2. Weaknesses
    1. Lack of design
    2. May be extremely difficult and expensive to ship
    3. If marketed for juicing, scale of garden would not support a regular juicer
  3. Opportunities
    1. Could start a trend and grow in popularity
    2. Could get picked up by commercial businesses
    3. Could improve health and quality of life for users
  4. Threats
    1. Not practical; wouldn’t produce enough food
    2. Plants may die quickly as this could attract inexperienced gardeners
    3. May be a fad that would lose interest quickly
Here and There
  1. Strengths
    1. Fun and interesting
    2. Overhead could be low without rent at a brick and mortar location
    3. Manageable occupancy
  2. Weaknesses
    1. Scale of kitchen would be limited on a bus
    2. Road conditions and traffic would affect customer experience
    3. Existing competition
  3. Opportunities
    1. Could go viral and become a tourist attraction
    2. Could get noticed by event companies and create consistent, full bookings
    3. Could expand to multiple buses
  4. Threats
    1. Logistics of a full kitchen in a bus may be prohibitive
    2. Conditions out of your control like traffic and road conditions could be detrimental to experience
    3. Bus routes may make it difficult for customers to find the bus or get off the bus when/where they want, making it inconvenient for individual parties
  1. Strengths
    1. Innovated and solves a problem
    2. Relevant/current/this is a market
    3. Production cost is low because there’s no physical product or storefront
  2. Weaknesses
    1. Requires buy-in from restaurants and logistics of getting the orders from the app to the wait staff
    2. Customers may find they can just as easily find a faster restaurant
    3. Menu/ingredient updates might be difficult to keep up with
  3. Opportunities
    1. Loyalty: this is solving a problem for restaurants by bringing in people who would not have gone out to lunch otherwise
    2. Could potentially spread to other cities
    3. Making it user-friendly for restaurants and cooking staff
  4. Threats
    1. Restaurants could see it as an annoyance and not buy in, especially if customers don’t arrive on time
    2. Food could take longer to prepare and make customers wait anyways
    3. May lose restaurants due to wasted food because this allows users to order without being there
  1. Strengths
    1. Solves an economic/social problem
    2. Mutually beneficial to teachers/students
    3. Very little overhead besides website and marketing
  2. Weaknesses
    1. No real service being offered besides a platform
    2. May not be specific enough to actually help students on tests
    3. May not attract enough users to pay lecturers, leading to a lack of teachers involved
  3. Opportunities
    1. Could grow to other countries
    2. Could attract well-known platforms like TedTalks
    3. Could benefit the school system and economic situation for teachers
  4. Threats
    1. Market demand may not be there
    2. Credibility may suffer and could be considered a Wikipedia

Revenue may not be enough from ads to pay teachers


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