Комментарии к проектам VI Business Project Competition

Сильные и слабые стороны проектов. Какие части Вашего проекта доработать, развить, усилить, изменить?

Eco Culture

Strengths: a good idea which is based on current trends
Improvements: you need more research to support your plan
Comments: target audience 18-40 year olds «why this group»

My Fest 

Strengths: a competent plan with some thought about the target market
Improvements:  more detail in regards to how to market this idea is required

Uni Searcher 

Strengths: a very high tech proposal but there is little research to prove to me that it would work
Improvements: very high risk and needs more through research

Snap Map

Strengths: a very modern idea which could work as it combines environmental issues and new technology
Improvements: needs more real world research

Lovely Paws

Strengths: a unique idea in this market which should have a good chance of success
Improvements: better customer and market analysis required

Healthy Future

Strengths: A relevant idea in the current market with some supportive research
Improvements: A clearer explanation of operations needed
Comments: Source of data?

Baku Bay

Strengths: This idea is quite basic and has lots of detail in costs, but not much in the marketing of the concept.
Improvements: Needs more originality

Waste Processing Plant

Strengths: A topical issue but the plan fails to prove its financial credibility
Improvements: Need more detail about how this business will make money
Comments: financial Plan, not enough detail

Bakery for a Dream

Strengths: An idea that will have lots of competition and lacks from differentation.
Improvements: Need more details on strategy and marketing, company description very detailed.
Comments:  Competetion, need more detail here


Strengths: A plan that needs more thought regarding the target market and the marketing mix
Improvements: needs a more in depth marketing section

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