Темы для финала VI Олимпиады

В первую очередь, финалистам необходимо выбрать одну из представленных тем и сообщить об этом организаторам по эл.почте.

В финале каждый из участников должен представить пятиминутную презентацию на заданную тему по одному из направлений — «Humanity» или «Science» и ответить на несколько вопросов жюри.

Подробнее смотрите Правила, п. 2.4.«Третий тур. Устная презентация».

Список участников, прошедших в финал конкурса

А вот и перечень тем:


Тема выступления Имя финалиста«»@@»


Assess the Impact of Recent Government Policies on Family Life

Ternavskaya Victoria
Outline and evaluate Right and Left Realist views of Crime

Deshukova Alina

Titarenko Vladimir


What evidence can be provided for David Cameron being a Traditional Tory or a New Right Ideologue?

Critically evaluate traditional Socialist views of the political economy


Assess the role of biological factors on aggressive behaviour.

Grishina Yana

Sofiko Kvikviniya

Discuss research into interpersonal attraction

Gavrilova Daria

Adamian Inesa


To what extent was the February Revolution in Russia caused by World War One?

Vido Varvara

Shaller Karolina

Mikhaylov Nikita

Danilycheva Daria

Usanova Yanina

Which country was most responsible for defeating Nazi Germany in World War Two?

Utkina Alexandra

Pokrovskaya Polina

Treguet Nikolay

Krasov Daniil

Shikunova Daria


Describe how and explain why fluvial (river) landforms change downstream

Soft engineering works in harmony with the natural environment and is effective in protecting the coast.’ To what extent do you agree with this view



Тема выступления Имя финалиста«@»@»»
Women live longer than men. Discuss.

Novikova Angelina

Goryachkina Maria

Sotnikova Anna

Lescheva Anastasia

How has Astronomy benefited Society?

George Koposov

Evstafyeva Tamara

“Free health care at the point of delivery trivialises the service.” Discuss.
Is it more important to save tropical forests or the world’s oceans? Why? Agavelyan Anna
Great scientific discoveries are the product of a particular time and place rather than the result of exceptional genius. Discuss

Magera Yana

Levin Evgeny

Suppose you could create a new chemical element. What physical and chemical properties would you ascribe to it, and what uses could this element be put to?
If you could take one item, which must fit in your pocket, back to the year 1800 with the goal of advancing science or medicine, what would it be and what would you do with it?

Leonov Pavel

Vorontsova Anastasia

Fedorova Polina

«How far is it to the moon?» This question may be unrelated to the moon. Read what it is really about here...
Suppose you could write a letter back to Sir Isaac Newton just as he becomes president of the Royal Society. Suppose further that the intention of the letter is to advance science by as much as possible. This is a chance to write that letter.
With many large scientific breakthroughs being the result of several years of incremental work by large collaborations of researchers, such as the Human Genome Project, Large Hadron Collider, Very Large Telescope et cetera, is it fair to say that the Nobel prizes falsely promote the idea of a lone genius?  Temkina Ksenia


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