Isabelle Husillos, Assistant Recruitment Director - Europe and UK, INTO University Partnerships

Isabelle Husillos, INTO University Partnerships

I t was great meeting you on Saturday and having the opportunity to help the team for the scholarship competition. I found it to be a great event and very well organised. Please find below a couple of points with regards to the winning team, as requested.

Wall – e had the best original idea, with most potential for the project to come to fruition. Good team spirit was evident as the team worked together in the delivery of the presentation, each taking their roles seriously, but together, highlighting the strong interactions between the different sides of the business. The team was well prepared and knew how to answer any objections in a calm and professional manner. The research conducted to put the project together was extensive and thorough.

Presentation and business plan were the best structured and detailed. The marketing plan (inspired from focus groups) and full financial costings from inception to fully running business were the most developed.

Business idea includes different activities to generate a varied and diversified income, which is very clever and the concept to include charity donations from income generated very interesting. Advertising of this should encourage customer to get more involved.

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Isabelle Husillos,
Assistant Recruitment Director — Europe and UK (ECA region) IUP Brighton

After graduating from Université de Pau, where she received a B & Maitrise in applied languages/translation, and obtaining her Masters in International Business from Université de Valenciennes, Isabelle gained extensive private sector and management experience in the medical diagnostics industry (sales) and publishing sectors. She is also fluent in English, French and German.

For the past seven years, Isabelle has worked in the International Office of Queen’s University Belfast, during which time student recruitment from the Far East, South East Asia and India increased dramatically. In her new role she will be heading up recruitment activities in two of our most unique and fast-moving regions.

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