Марина Валентиновна Кощеева, учитель английского языка, Школа имени Артема Боровика


Unforgettable Day of the Olympiad

This year is the first time when students of our school have taken part in the “Intellectual Kings” Olympiad. The Olympiad gives students great opportunities to practise the language, to meet new people and to learn what they should strive for.

The workshop for teachers was also great.  Jessica, John and Andrei, gave us a chance to listen to English, to speak it (not just only read, as we often do).

We, teachers, like the atmosphere of the event, so friendly, kind and inspiring, inspiring to teach and to learn. The organising was perfect.

We wish our students had taken part in the “Intellectual Kings” Olympiad earlier.

Marina Koshcheeva,
English Teacher,
School after Artem Borovik

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