Ирина Красильникова, учитель английского языка, председатель МО учителей иностранных языков, Школа «Премьер»

Dear friends,

I’d like to thank you for the fantastic atmosphere at the Olympiad, for the  wonderful opportunity you give our students to take part in it, to show their knowledge and have a chance to compete with the best students from different schools in Russia. The tasks in the written test are always challenging. The prizes the winners get are awesome!

The Olympiad is a great event not only for children but also for their teachers. Every year we enjoy attending master classes held by teachers, professors, representatives of Universities from the UK and the USA. Their presentations help us to prepare our students for different Olympiads, for International exams. The parents of our students are grateful for the master classes held by Vera Arsentieva, the director of ”Intellectual”,  where she shares information about the possibilities to enter various universities abroad.  Thanks to such help, several students of our school are studying in Great Britain and the USA at present and some have already graduated.

Finally, special thanks for the mini- concerts which are usually held for the participants, their teachers and parents.

We wish “Intellectual” many years of success and hope to bring our students to the Olympiad next year.

Best wishes,
Irina Krasilnikova
School “Premier”

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