Ученики и учитель английского языка, Гимназии №1, Курчатов


«I have never attended such a challenging event! The atmosphere was amazing, warm and encouraging. The tasks were challenging. I was excited by the music performance at the end of the event, as I am going to connect my life with music production. Thank you for bringing so many smart people together! »

Angelina Tarlovskaya,
10 Grade student of MBEI «Gymnasium №1», Kurchatov

«Overall, I liked the Olympiad. It was challenging but fun at the same time. I would like to participate in it again. I am sure that participation in various competitions enables me to better evaluate myself and to set goals for further development»

Timur Ivanov,
10 Grade student of MBEI «Gymnasium №1», Kurchatov


«I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the organizing committee of the VIII «Intellectual Kings» Olympiad. The event was well-planned for both participants as well as parents and ESL teachers.  Special thanks to Andrei Arsentiev for highlighting educational opportunities offered by INTELLECTUAL and to Jessica Fitch-Bunce for her lively presentation on academic writing»

Elena Tarlovskaya,
ESL teacher at MBEI «Gymnasium №1», Kurchatov

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